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​​"Managed to get her grade up from a U to a B"

I have known Andrew in his capacity as a maths tutor for the past eighteen months.  I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone.  He has, over this period of time, tutored my daughter at GCSE level and managed to get her grade up from a U to a B.  Andrew has a calm manner which I believe has helped my daughter a great deal.  He is patient and makes sure that throughout the lesson she understands everything.  My daughter is comfortable in his presence and is neither too scared or embarrassed to say when she doesn't understand anything.  I thoroughly recommend Andrew to anyone who wishes to have a better understanding of maths...... Carol

"Very pleased with 'A' Level maths tuition"

In the last two years, I've had two sons benefit from Andrew's maths tuition prior to A level.  They worked very intensively during their sessions with him - something which they would have been unwilling to do without his presence.  He addressed problems which have been highlighted by the school and we noticed that teachers' reports changed very much for the better after Andrew started with them.  We were very pleased with the overall outcome...... Paul Abel

Thanks to Andrew's excellent teaching my daughter has not only gained significantly higher test results at school, but has really gained confidence in her maths lessons and in the way she manages her homework.  We are extremely pleased with her progress and would defenitely  recommend Andrew without hesitation to any other parents who are looking for a maths tutor........ Carrie

I would highly recommend Andrew as a maths tutor, he is very calm, patient and encouraging.  My son has grown in confidence and ability during the past year through Andrew explaining all the topics he covers in class and practicing exam questions.  We are grateful for his commitment to my son over the past year...... Anne

Andrew has helped my daughter in her first year of A Level maths, when she was beginning to struggle with the pace of school lessons and loose confidence.  His calm demeanour and thoroughness enabled her to approach recent exams with a renewed confidence in her abilities.  The tuition really did make all the difference...... Lynne

"I would recommend him highly"
Andrew has been brilliant with the boys.  He has taught them GCSE and A Level Maths.  They find him helpful, especially in areas that were not covered so well at school.  I would recommend him highly...... Y A (Mum)

"His passion for mathematics has inspired her"
Thanks to Andrew's maths tuition, my daughter Heidi has achieved a level 7B in her exam at the end of year 7.  Heidi looks forward to her lessons with Andrew and his passion for mathematics has inspired her to work harder and really enjoy the subject...... Helen

"Now reaching his full potential"
I have known Andrew Thompson for approximately 2 years in his capacity as a Maths Tutor.  He teaches both of my children, aged 11 and 15, for an hour each every week.  Both have grown in confidence and, in particular, my older child is now reaching his full potential which is reflected in the results he is achieving.  Also my daughter recently gained the grade she wanted in her SATs exam...... Michelle 

Thank you so much for your help,
and hard work which has enabled Niamh to grow in confidence and gain a GCSE in maths. Without you this would not have been possible...... Sarah