​​MATHS TUTOR, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG​2

Tel 07963 969880 / 0115 952 4599 ,email: andrewth9@hotmail.co.uk

Maths Tuition In West Bridgford

I usually tutor pupils for 1 hour per week but can do longer if required.

A more concentrated maths tutoring program can be provided during the school holidays if

pupils need an extra big push in preparation for an exam.

Group tuition can be provided for up to 3 children if required.

I have an extensive supply of Key Stage 2 SATS, GCSE and A Level past papers both in the

printed form and on my ipad.  I also have plenty of text books available.

Homework is set and marked if required.

My Approach

I help build students' confidence and enthusiasm in mathematics, bringing out their

full potential where possible.  I am sensitive to the pace at which I cover the work,

regularly reinforcing/revisiting previously covered topics.  I compliment and

support students with their school work.